erinSpecializing in prop styling and set design, Erin Swift has conceptualized, produced and styled intricate still life photos, fashion sets and interiors.  Erin's inherent ability to draw inspiration from all aspects of her life and to create fabulous images has afforded her the opportunity to work as a Style and Market Editor for several distinguished magazines, including Gourmet, Oprah Winfrey's O at Home and Elegant Bride.

Erin is well-known for bringing her considerable prop styling and set design experience to bear, as she collaborates with some of the best photographers, art directors and event designers to convert initial brainstorming ideas into truly distinctive stories.

In addition to her editorial experience, Erin works with private clients to consult on decoration and create gorgeous interiors.  Erin approaches each client task as a unique challenge, which allows her to create interiors that compliment each client's individual style.

Erin's passion for her work and dedication to her clients has been recognized by well respected colleagues in all aspects of the business and is evident in her work.